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Global Education Training & Qualifications

Global Education Training and Qualifications Ltd (GETQ) is an awarding body that is both bold and innovative. We utilise relevant pedagogies and assessment methods with technology enhancing traditional assessment methods to provide learners with a supportive learning journey, from initial formative to summative stages of their education. We seek to build an international reputation for leading and developing relevant and innovative qualifications, utilising the best expertise available.

The qualifications and organisations that we accredit and approve to deliver are those that make a positive impact. Our qualifications provide learners with skills for life, enhancing workplace opportunities, and a safe and supportive learning environment.

What do we do?

1. We accredit partner organisations to provide our qualifications. An example of this is with our partner International Performing Arts & Theatre Ltd who we provide accreditation for their Acting, Musical Theatre, Public Speaking, Singing, and Stage Dance syllabi. 

2. We directly offer qualifications, such as our Social Action qualification.

3. We provide Continuing Professional Development and support services to complement our broader educational offer.