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Become Accredited


We provide qualifications directly to centres who in turn provide the course to learners. If you would like to deliver one of our courses then please contact us about becoming a centre. There is a standard centre approval process that is designed to be both supportive for the centre and to ensure that learners will in turn receive a safe and supportive education


We also work with other organisation for them to become accredited by us, and that organisation will have centres that it manages/delivers education through. Once the organisation is accredited by us, we will work together to provide qualifications that are awarded by us (Global Education Training & Qualifications Ltd). 

The process of becoming an accredited organisation is different to becoming a centre, and as you would expect of such a significant undertaking is longer and goes into more detail. Again this is designed to be a supportive process that, where we can, we with you to identify any barriers and develop a plan of action. As you will appreciate we have to ensure that every learner is supported and that organisations are able to adequately support those learners with the required safeguards and processes in place.


We are not an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation. However, we are currently working towards becoming an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation. During this time this may mean our structures, systems and process changes, however, we are setting about operating our organisation to a high standard that we hope therefore minimises future disruption.

To apply to become accredited by GETQ, please contact us today.